Começou por ser um Behind the scenes da sessão fotográfica de Modalisboa / Legacy, depois um screen test para o filme #LisbonFashion stories e acabou assim. 

Sextas-feiras de Vale Tudo desde que seja trabalho criativo. Mais uma sessão de Creative Review da Y&R Portugal, desta vez fomos para os lados da Almirante Reis e ocupamos a sala grande da casa Independente e perante o olhar curioso de alguns turistas e do Tigre por detrás do palco cada um mostrou o que anda a fazer.

Pedro Ferreira e Ash Chagla, Directora criativa da Y&R Dubai em Lisboa algures em Alfama durante as filmagens de ModaLisboa.

Pedro Ferreira e Ash Chagla, Directora criativa da Y&R Dubai em Lisboa algures em Alfama durante as filmagens de ModaLisboa.

Leica Camera AG M9 Digital Camera

o Filme Frutologia / Compal Laranja.

Equipa criativa. DC: Judite Mota + Pedro ferreira; Copy: Sofia Moutinho; Director de arte: João Rocha; Client Service: Antonieta Malheiro + Inês Batuca; RTV: João Carriço;  Produtora: Take it Easy, Produtor Exec: Frederico Cerejeiro; Realização: Rita Barbosa; DOP: João Lança de Morais; Pós-produção: LightFilms; Música: Miguel Guia (Som de Lisboa)

Quando as pessoas veem um anuncio de publicidade na TV televisão por não imaginam as horas de discussões e opiniões que estão por detrás de alguns segundos. Quando esse trabalho é uma trabalho de 3D apenas podemos multiplicar o número de horas. Compal Laranja. Pack shot com abelha.

As palavras de Tony Granger. Granger: “Cannes is a 10-megaton shot of creative adrenaline”

Welcome to Cannes. By far the biggest advertising show on the Planet — and most important.

The sheer volume of entries is astonishing and it continues to go up every year. This year over 37,000 entries have been submitted, over a 4 percent jump from last year.

The odds of winning are so miniscule that there’s a greater chance of being struck by lightning twice in your lifetime or writing a New York Times best-selling book than winning a Grand Prix.

What does this mean for us? On a personal note, our work has improved tremendously across the network, and whether we increase our Lion collection or not, I’m really proud of all the work we entered. And I’m most proud of the fact that more of our agencies have submitted work than ever before.

If you walk away with a shortlist, it’s a huge accomplishment. If you take home a Bronze or a Silver it’s an unbelievable achievement ‑ and if you’re lucky enough to win a Gold or a Grand Prix…it will have been the most difficult thing to win in your career, maybe even your lifetime.

It really pleases me to see that the work being entered across agencies is now brilliant everywhere. Long ago, Cannes used to be dominated by Brazil, France and the States …but now there are awards being won out of China, Australia, South Africa, South America and we not only have winners from these countries, we also have winners from Lithuania, Panama, Malaysia and Macedonia (And last year Macedonia was a Titanium winner!)

We have 8 judges this year across categories and more of our planners are involved than ever before. In fact, Global Planning Director Sandy Thompson is having her first-ever Global Planning meeting during Cannes.

More and more clients are also attending each year. They get it. They know that great stories about their brands, coupled with innovative ways of telling them can really break through and influence their consumers. What’s nice is that we both come back with a joint definition of what great is. We go to collectively learn, explore, network, be inspired and aspired. And, yes, there’s a bit of partying, too.

Each year after Cannes I become more excited and delighted about what our industry is capable of achieving.

I haven’t missed it in 20 years. It’s a 10-megaton shot of creative adrenaline that propels me forward each year. I always hurry back home to apply what I’ve learned before anyone else. Over the next week, we will share as much of what we are seeing and learning as we can. 

If you’re lucky enough to attend, remember it’s an education and a true privilege. Take diligent notes and bring them back and share them with everyone.

Take advantage of all Cannes has to offer. Your work will surely benefit.


Global Chief Creative Officer